School Leadership Weeks

FALL LEADERSHIP WEEK 2019: 11/4-11/7

Registration for Fall Leadership Week is open! The purpose of DPS Leadership Weeks is to provide all leaders the chance to deepen their learning around, and leadership of, the Instructional Improvement Priorities (IIPs) and the Cornerstones of our work. It further allows for ILT members to have common experiences designed for unique roles. The four part series of Leadership Weeks is a venue to provide key professional learning to our highest leverage members of school teams, the ILT. For questions, please contact

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July Leadership Week Schedule

Access the schedule for July Leadership Week with all of the updated location information. Specific room numbers for Friday and elsewhere, as needed, will be added as these are finalized. Parking information for Monday’s Universal is also included in the link (just below location addreses).


Mark your calendars for Summer Leadership Weeks June 3-6 and July 22-26. Additional details will be available in May. Senior Team Leads and Team Leads will attend June 4-5 and July 22-25. If you have questions, email

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Summer Leadership Weeks will kick off with a required Universal for all 2019-20 principals and assistant principals from 1:30-3:30 p.m. June 3 at New Hope Baptist Church. This Universal will celebrate successes of the 2018-19 school year, and kick off a strong start toward 2019-20! Leaders will spend Monday afternoon meeting other leaders in DPS and hearing from Susana and Senior Leadership Team members about Susana’s entry plan and key elements of our 2019-20 instructional priorities.

As we transition to the new regional network structure, we will spend the June leadership week learning & building new community, getting to know each other and our neighborhoods, and also spend time in ILTs to prepare for next year.

July Leadership week will kick off with a Universal for all ILT members on July 22It is important for all ILT members to attend as the week will be focused on our overall district goals for Culturally Responsive Education and the instructional priorities that will be implemented this year. These priorities include our K-12 mathematics initiative and building leaders’ knowledge and skills to lead for rigorous mathematics instruction, similar to the literacy initiative launched in previous years.

In July, each region will experience Tuesday-Thursday of July Leadership Week as an equal mix of work/planning time and sessions. Unlike previous years, participants will not pre-register for sessions and will instead join sessions with their region each day aligned to our districtwide instructional priorities. Friday of July Leadership week is reserved for mandatory sessions for principals and APs on legal and safety operations.

We’re excited for Leadership Weeks this year and the opportunity to focus on key priorities, build community and engage with fellow ILT members. 2019-20 Senior and Team leads will be provided extra duty pay from the Teacher and Leader Learning budget to attend June 4-5 and July 22-25. Similarly, 2019-20 APs and deans will be provided extra duty pay for any June and July Leadership Week dates that are not part of their work calendar. For up-to-date information on Leadership Week start/end times and locations, visit this page throughout the summer.

June Leadership Week Schedule

Date Role Location
June 3rd (Universal) Principals, Assistant Principals 1:30-3:30pm-New Hope Baptist Church, 3:30pm-on-Optional Celebration
June 4th and 5th Principals, Assistant Principals, Senior/Team Leads, Deans Region Specific Locations
June 6th Principals, Assistant Principals Region Specific Locations