UCD 5770: Effective Literacy Instruction for ELLs, Fall 2017 Section

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*This ELA Qualification Training course is only for designated ELA-E and ELA-S teachers who are needing to complete ELA training requirements*

UCD 5770: This course focuses on exploring, applying, and evaluating research-based instructional models and learning strategies for teaching literacy to diverse learners. Students develop a professional practice of providing instruction to support oral language, academic reading, and academic writing for native speakers of English, multilingual and bidialectal learners of English. Textbooks will be provided.

***PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for these graduate courses is paid by the ELA Department (as long as funding is available) for teachers who complete and successfully pass with a 70% (C-)or higher in the course UCD 5030. To receive graduate credit, participants must pass with an 80% (B-) or higher. It is important that the ELA Department demonstrates fiscal responsibility to our English learners. For this reason, if participants do not pass the course with a 70% or higher, do not complete the course, or drop the course AFTER the drop deadline, participants will be responsible for paying the tuition rate of $860.00 per course (such amount shall be deducted from your payroll). Teachers must also register in the UCD webpage after registering in SchoolNet to be considered active participants.***

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UCD 5770 Fall 17-18

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