UCD 5030: Language and Literacy Acquisition, Fall 2017 Section

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*This ELA Qualification Training course is only for designated ELA-E and ELA-S teachers who are needing to complete ELA training requirements*

UCD 5030: This course investigates the relationship between language and literacy acquisition. In the context of first and second language acquisition across the lifespan, the course focuses on bilingual and second language development, and on the acquisition of literacy by young children. Textbooks will be provided.

***PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for these graduate courses is paid by the ELA Department (as long as funding is available) for teachers who complete and successfully pass with a 70% (C-)or higher in the course UCD 5030. To receive graduate credit, participants must pass with an 80% (B-) or higher. It is important that the ELA Department demonstrates fiscal responsibility to our English learners. For this reason, if participants do not pass the course with a 70% or higher, do not complete the course, or drop the course AFTER the drop deadline, participants will be responsible for paying the tuition rate of $860.00 per course (such amount shall be deducted from your payroll). Teachers must also register in the UCD webpage after registering in SchoolNet to be considered active participants.***

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UCD 5030 Fall 17-18

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Grade Levels

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