Restorative Practices Training

Restorative Practices Training

The two day session will explore the history and philosophy of Restorative Practices and will include interactive learning approaches, videos, role plays, small group work. At the conclusion of the second day, participants will possess the skills to implement Restorative Practices in their classrooms, discipline activities and in creating a restorative culture in the building. This training is mandatory for all Restorative Practice Coordinators. Participants must take both days of the training to receive the credit hours.

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  Sessions Session Dates: 8:00am-4:00pm

October 24th & 25th

November 28th & 29th

December 19th & 20th

January 17th & 18th

February 13th & 14th

April 18th & 19th

May 15th & 16th

  Location Thomas Jefferson High School


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  • DSST: Stapleton HS
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  • KIPP Denver Collegiate High School
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  • KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy
  • Knapp Elementary School
  • Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy ES
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  • Lake International School
  • Legacy Options High School
  • Lena Archuleta Elementary
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  • Park Hill School
  • Pascual LeDoux Academy
  • Place Bridge Academy
  • Polaris at Ebert Elementary School
  • REACH Charter School
  • Respect Academy at Lincoln
  • Ridge View Academy Charter School
  • RiseUp Community School
  • Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside
  • Rocky Mountain Prep Southwest
  • Rocky Mtn School of Exped Learn
  • Roots Elementary
  • Sabin World School
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  • Sandra Todd-Williams Academy
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