ELA 204: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-S, Fall 2017 Sections

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The focus of this 8-hour face-to-face course is to further participants’ abilities to use the Language Allocation Guidelines and research-based best practices to intentionally and systematically plan Spanish and English instruction to meet the critical language needs of English learners by strategically planning for the use of two languages through the implementation of researched-based instructional techniques and strategically planning for interactions. Online assignment graded by course facilitator and work during course shared with group.

Participants will:

• Demonstrate the ability to create a lesson in that “bridges” the key academic language of a unit from Spanish to English
• Demonstrate the ability to create a metalinguistic analysis lesson to compare and contrast the linguistic systems of Spanish and English.

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ELA 204 Fall

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E-mail ELA Teacher Training with any questions!


E-mail ELA Teacher Training with any questions!



  • ELA Teacher Qualification Training Program

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