ELA 201: Language Acquisition and Cultural Understanding, Fall 2017 Sections

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This is a hybrid course, please bring laptop computers to all mandatory face-to-face sessions!! The goal of this 16-hour hybrid course is to provide participants with an opportunity to think about how culturally and linguistically responsive teaching supports the language acquisition and achievement of English learners. The course will focus on looking at students through an asset-based point of view, understanding the social-emotional aspects of learning, and the power of positive relationships. Culturally Responsive teaching practices are reflected throughout the Framework for Effective Teaching (LEAP), especially in the Learning Environment and Professionalism indicators, and are critical tools to closing the academic achievement gap.

Participants will:

• Demonstrate the ability to explicitly create connections that demonstrate inclusivity and interest in students’ culture and language in order to ensure that students have a positive academic identity
• Demonstrate the ability to create instruction that builds on students’ Funds of Knowledge, interests, and cultural understandings.

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Three new sessions, two with an early start, have been added to Schoolnet:

Section G – 9/21/17; 10/12/17, & 11/16/17 – 3:45-5:45pm

Section H – 9/14/17; 10/5/17; & 11/2/17 – 5:15-7:15pm (Split from Section A)

Section I – 9/25/17; 10/16/17; & 11/27/17 – 3:45-5:45pm (Closed in Schoolnet)

ELA 201 Fall 17-18

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