Professional Development Units (PDU)

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What is a Professional Development Unit?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are offered through the Professional Learning Team as part of Denver Public School’s Pay-for-Performance System. PDUs qualify to count towards CDE professional license recertification. To earn a PDU, teachers or student services providers complete research projects that are directly related to their classroom students or work environment. These projects provide teachers and service providers the opportunity to:

  • acquire new skills and knowledge,
  • examine their own teaching practice through data-based research,
  • and collaborate with colleagues in Professional Learning Communities.

To receive the ProComp incentive for a PDU, you must be in ProComp and you must register online at Professional Development Unit (PDU) Course Catalog. Earning a ProComp incentive pay for a PDU project is entirely voluntary. Participating in a PDU is optional and there is no limit on the number of PDUs an educator may earn each school year.

Professional Development Units have 3 components – Study, Demonstration, and Reflection which are completed in 3 to 9 months during the school year. The action research project involves study of a topic that will benefit student growth, demonstrating the implementation of the best instructional practices and reflecting on learning, change in practice and student performance.

  • The Study component options may include multiple inquiry methods such as: district PD, college courses, online classes, review of educational research, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • For the Demonstration, you apply what you have learned (Study) in your classroom or practice.  Include pre/post and progress monitoring data results.
  • The Reflection Component includes a final self-reflection power point, presentation and attendance at a Final Peer Review Session.
  • PDU plans are reviewed using a PDU checklist.  You will be provided feedback, support, and notification of approval of your proposal.

Types of PDUs

  • Personal PDU
  • Small School Group PDU
  • School Wide PDU
  • Central District Dept. PDU
  • Strand PDU

Credit Options

Any DPS staff who has successfully completed and earned PDU credits will receive a certificate of completion (each worth 45 contact hours) recognized by Colorado Department of Education when renewing a professional license. ProComp employees are eligible for a base building salary increase for completing a PDU each school year from the 1st through the 14th year of credited service in DPS.  ProComp employees who are beyond the 14th year of credited service are eligible for a bonus (2% of ProComp Payment Opportunities index) for each completed PDU. PDUs are not paid are chronologically banked and scheduled by payroll for future PDU payments.  PDUs do not expire.  An employee may only be paid an incentive for one earned PDU each school year.

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