Professional Development Units (PDU)

Mark Arseneau, Ph.D.

PDU Coordinator 

Professional Learning Team


Gloria Kochan

PDU Coordinator

Professional Learning Team


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What is a Professional Development Unit?

A Professional Development Unit (PDU) is differentiated, job embedded action research learning that is designed to support teachers and student service providers to improve or acquire skills on topics that directly relate to their discipline.

PDUs are a service offered through Denver Public Schools’ Professional Learning Team. In addition, PDUs are an element of ProComp–Denver Public Schools’ Pay-for-Performance System. Incentive payments from ProComp will be paid on the second paycheck of each month, the 22nd. Check out the ProComp incentive payments for 2018-19—ProComp Elements Chart

PDUs have 3 components – Study, Demonstration, and Reflection which are completed in 3 to 9 months during the school year. The action research project involves study of a topic that will benefit student growth; demonstrating the implementation of the best instructional practices and reflecting on learning, change in practice, and student performance.

PDU Data Collection and Analysis

A primary goal of a PDU is to maximize learning for each student.  PDU authors are required to select appropriate measurement tools to collect student learning data that demonstrates the PDU outcomes as stated in the Proposal.

This year the PDU Team has created two reports, the PDU Mid-Point Data Report and the PDU Final Data Report, to determine the impact of PDUs on student learning. Additional information about the new reports will be available later in the Fall.

Types of PDUs

  • Personal PDU
  • Small Group PDU
  • School-Wide PDU
  • District-Wide PDU

Participating in a PDU is voluntary and there is no limit on the number of PDUs an educator may complete each school year. ProComp employees are paid for one completed PDU each school (contract) year.

More information about PDUs may be reviewed in the PDU Exemplar Library

New PDU Proposal Process & New PDU Registration System

This year all PDU Leaders and PDU Proposal Authors will begin the PDU process by completing the new Google Proposal form, for peer review and approval before registering for a PDU course in Learning Space. The new PDU proposal and registration system will better serve PDU Leaders and PDU Participants.

PDU Authors will not use the DPS Form A or DPS Form B for submitting PDU Proposals. The PDU Team has created a Schoology Course,designed to explain and assist PDU Leaders/Authors in a step-by-step PDU Proposal Google Form completion.

Schoology Access Code or Submit a PDU Proposal–Course Information: 8FCCQ-6ZPXH. The PDU Proposal Google Form Link can be found before question 1 in the Schoology Course.

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