Culturally Responsive Teaching Design Team

Building Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

Denver Public Schools has launched a multi-year strategy to support building Culturally Responsive Teaching practices across the district. The goal of this initiative is to close the opportunity gap for our students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. The Culturally Responsive Teaching Design Team will be vital in this work. The group will convene several times over the course of Spring 2018 to help develop and pilot Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices in their classrooms. Design Team participations will review research-based practices, share and document their own skills, mindset and knowledge as part of the process to try out practices in their school at the classroom level. These practices will inform our DPS Framework of Culturally Responsive Teaching.


  • Share culturally responsive instructional practices that you practice in your classroom.
  • Build community with educators across the district focused on CRE and best first instruction.
  • Review research-based practices to incorporate into current practices.
  • As a team, pilot culturally responsive teaching practices to inform our DPS Framework of Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Application Process

The February 7, 2018 Application Deadline has passed.  Thank you for your interest.

All educators in the district were eligible to apply for the CRT Design Team; approximately twenty educators were selected based on nominations from an ILT Member and a teaching colleague in their school.

Time Commitment/Stipend Information

Selected educators attend a series of 8 meetings for a total of 16 hours. Participants are expected to pilot practices in their classrooms and to bring back reflections, student work,  and/or video evidence. Participants receive a stipend based upon the number of hours spent participating in the CRT Design Team meetings.