Culturally Responsive Education

Opportunity Gap Cohort

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The Professional Learning Team (PLT) is committed to its role in making an impact on the Denver Plan 2020. Part of this goal is to close the opportunity gap and provide all students access to educational opportunities that allow them to achieve at the highest levels. In partnership with other DPS teams, the PLT offers an Opportunity Gap Cohorts focus on peer-to-peer learning for school leadership teams based upon a problem of practice for a targeted group of underserved students.

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CRT Fellowship

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The Culturally Responsive Teacher Fellowship Program and Year Two of the Opportunity Gap Cohort is focused on providing teachers with exceptional tools, resources, and opportunities.

Educators in this fellowship will come together to build their mindsets, skills, and practices around CRT work, engage in a book study, participate in critical race conversations, and implement best practices in their school at the classroom level. The goal of this fellowship is to provide a community of practice in which teachers build upon their own CRT practices and continue to refine their culturally responsive practices to share with other DPS educators.

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Equity Based Math

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In partnership with Curriculum & Instruction and Learning Forward, the Professional Learning Team invites math teams who have an interest in learning more about how to implement equity-based practices in mathematics through a in a year-long, job-embedded Community of Practice. The intended audience includes 8th, 9th, or 10th-grade math teams interested in exploring the equity-based practices in mathematics to meet 2017-18 DSE goals.

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Foundational PDU in CRE

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This training is an introductory exploration of culturally responsive teaching practices. We will cover how teachers can begin to meet the needs of diverse learners by building relationships with students and families, creating a caring environment and providing relevant and rigorous content to ALL students. LEAP Framework Indicators include L.E. 1-4, 1.3, P.1, and P.4-P.6. Register now to save your spot in this great professional learning experience!

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Culturally Responsive Teaching Design Team

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Denver Public Schools has launched a multi-year strategy to support building Culturally Responsive Teaching practices across the district. The goal of this initiative is to close the opportunity gap for our students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. The Culturally Responsive Teaching Design Team convened several times over the course of Spring 2018 to help develop and pilot Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices in their classrooms.

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Danielle Harris, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Culturally Responsive Education

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Tess Vigil, M.Ed.

Culturally Responsive Education Specialist

Professional Learning Team


Kelina Imamura

Culturally Responsive Education Specialist

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Marisa Garverick Herrera

Culturally Responsive Education Project Manager

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