New! Culturally Responsive Teaching Fellowship

Applications are now being accepted for the Culturally Responsive Teacher Fellowship Program and Year Two of the Opportunity Gap Cohort. This fellowship is focused on providing teachers with exceptional tools, resources, and opportunities. The goal of this program is to create our Framework of Culturally Responsive Instructional Practices from the on-going efforts and sharing from teachers accepted into this fellowship. 

Interested educators should apply and obtain a recommendation from an ILT member and a teacher colleague. Teachers in this fellowship will engage in a book study, critical race and equity conversations, and share skills, mindset, and knowledge to create our Framework of Culturally Responsive Instructional Practices.

Did you participate in the Opportunity Gap Year One Cohort? Year two is the continuation of learning focused on embedding teacher level best practices into the school community via the classroom. 


Culturally Responsive Teaching Fellowship: Any teacher in the district is eligible to apply. Those interested in applying will be asked to submit a brief recommendation from one school ILT member and one teacher colleague. Click here to apply!

Opportunity Gap Cohort Year Two: ILT members will nominate teachers at their schools. Those nominated will have the opportunity to apply. Click here to nominate someone!