Montbello Career and Technical School (PUSH Academy)

Book your learning event at Montbello Career and Technical High School (Push Academy)

Address: 4501 Airport Way

Rooms 208, 209, & 210 (One that can be divided into three separate rooms)

Hours: 6:30am - 9:00pm *Alarms will be activated at 9:00pm

Parking: Park in the main parking lot on the West side of the building. Additional parking is offered in the back of the building right behind the gym; 20 extra Spaces in between the Frontier building and the Montbello CTHS building.

Building Entry: Main Entrance located on the South side of the building. Check in at the front desk inside main entrance. Show your badge at the front desk and and head to your assigned room

Rooms 208, 209, & 210 

(One room that can be divided into three separate rooms)

Room Directions from Main Entrance: From the front desk, go up the flight of stairs directly behind the front desk to the second floor. There is also an elevator next to the stairs. Head down the west side hallway and the rooms will be on your right.

Restrooms: There are two full-size adult bathrooms going east from the rooms down the hall and to your left.


  • Undivided Room 208 – 210: 30 individual tables that are grouped into 12 larger tables
  • In the Outlook calendar, room 208 is reserved by itself as one room – rooms 209/210 are reserved together
  • Room 208: 13 individual tables that are grouped into 5 larger tables
  • Room 209: 10 individual tables that are grouped into 4 larger tables
  • Room 210: 8 individual tables that are grouped into 2 larger tables
  • All tables are at adjustable heights (twist feet to adjust)


  • Undivided Room 208 – 210: 70 chairs
  • Room 208: 26 chairs
  • Room 209: 24 chairs
  • Room 210: 20 chairs
  • All chairs are at adjustable heights

Other Amenities:

  • A/C is kept at regulated temperatures that are monitored by maintenance staff.
  • Whiteboards in each room with markers, erasers, and cleaner
  • 1 clock in Room 210


  • Room 208: 4 outlets
  • Room 209: 4 outlets
  • Room 210: 4 outlets


  • Room 208: one projector without screen– project on the divider wall
    • Close the blinds in the room and dim the lights halfway for the best picture
  • Room 210: one short-throw projector on white board attached to wall
  • Projector Hookups: HDMI, RGB, and audio
    • Must provide your own hook-up cords
  • The remote controls for each projector are attached to the wall near the projector

Additional AV Equipment:

  • Ethernet hookup in each room
  • One conference phone in Rooms 208 and 210
  • Dimmer lights in each room (5 different settings)