June and July School Leadership Information

June School Leadership Week: June 5 – 9, 2017

July School Leadership Week: July 24 – 28, 2017

Network-based peer learning sessions are available for leaders to strategically plan and build their capacity around instructional priorities and ILT leadership. See tables below for attendance expectations by role.

Registration: There will be no pre-registration for June or July SLW. Instead, participants will sign-in electronically each morning they are in attendance in order to receive PD Credit in Schoolnet, and extra-duty pay if school leaders are outside of contract.

Teacher Leader Institute will be held simultaneous to June Leadership Week, with conference-style learning for Teacher Leadership & Collaboration teacher leaders and other school-based leaders to develop leadership competencies in academic contexts. Principals, assistant principals and deans are invited to attend based on availability, as space allows, in service of building capacity of Instructional Leadership Teams.

Principals, be sure to coordinate with deans and teacher leaders across all role types to align expectations and schedules. Click here for additional role-specific information.

Please direct any questions about June and July School Leadership Week to your IS.

Please note participants in New Leaders Cohort will not need to attend July days because they will be doing their ILT time in August as a cohort.