Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences

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451 Clermont Street, Denver, Colorado 80220
Room 20
*No parking in loading zone areas on Clermont Street in front of the main entrance to the school. Street parking is available on 4th, 5th and Clermont St. There is also regular school parking behind the school that opens up after school ends at 2:45 pm.

Room 2

Room Directions from Main Entrance:

Front of building is on the west side of Clermont St. As you enter in the front door, turn right. Follow hallway to the left and enter the double doors to the stairwell on the left labeled D-G. Go down 1 flight of stairs to the basement level. Exit stairwell and turn left. Room 2 is labeled “Music 02” on the right hand side of the hallway.

Restrooms: There are two full-size adult bathrooms located right across the hallway from Room 20.


  • 7 tables


  • 54

Other Amenities:

  • Stadium style risers – 5 levels.
  • 3 rows of fluorescent lighting that can be individually adjusted
  • 2 chalkboards
  • 1 dry erase board
  • 1 clock
  • 1 Phone with conference mode
  • 1 Ethernet connection and cord
  • Wifi access and router in the room
  • Adjustable blinds on the windows
  • Coat rack
  • New carpet
  • Comfortable folding stadium chairs
  • 1 trash can

*Doors to kitchen should be locked. Please do not enter or use the school’s kitchen space.


  • 4 outlets


  • 80” large screen monitor with remote control. Connect to monitor via VGA cord. VGA to Thunderbolt (for Mac users) provided.

Additional AV Equipment:

  • 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • 1 VGA Cord
  • 3 VGA to Thunderbolt adaptors

Click below to see a 360 degree view of the room.