Data Driven Instruction Support

Gabe DeMola

Program Manager,
Data Driven Instruction

Professional Learning Team

Data Driven Instruction is recognized in Denver Public Schools as a key lever for improving teaching and learning that results in improved learning outcomes for students.

Data Driven Instruction is the “systematic collection and analysis of data to drive inquiry and guide decisions that help improve the success of students and schools.” (Ikemoto & Marsh, 2007). Schools leaders and teachers have been applying these practices in their professional learning communities, in what are known as Weekly Data Meetings. Weekly Data Meetings provide a regular structure for leaders and teams to analyze assessments and/or student work, identify strengths and gaps, develop next instructional steps, and monitor progress.  Weekly Data Meetings are most effective when they are situated within the broader data driven practices of the school’s instructional leadership team, instructional planning, observation and feedback, professional learning and school culture.

The purpose of this website is to serve school and central office leaders’ efforts to improve Weekly Data Meetings and the supporting data driven instructional practices in order to be more strategic in helping students master content standards faster.    

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