Culturally Responsive Leadership Institute

The CR Leadership Institute (The Institute) provides the opportunity for school leaders who have educators participating in the Culturally Responsive Teaching Fellowship or the Growth Through Connections Cohort to engage in a parallel professional learning experience designed to:

  • Build awareness around coaching and observation for equity and cultural responsiveness; align language and understanding of what Culturally Responsive Teaching is and is not across classrooms and schools.
  • Co-develop CRE leadership mindsets similar to the CRT Fellowship and CRT School Design Teams. Leaders will co-develop and pilot CRE leadership mindsets and provide greater input on CRT practices for teachers as part of the 18-19 strategic milestones for CRE.
  • Create Action Plan for addressing equity-related issues within locus of control.

*Participants will receive a grant to broaden their resources in CRE, examples include, CR books and classroom materials, professional learning opportunities, etc.


  • Build a community of leaders who are working to increase equitable outcomes for students by enacting culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices within their schools.
  • Increase self-awareness of power, privilege, oppression and how it lives within individual actions, inactions, their school, and systems.
  • Analyze the role of their identity and its impact on their leadership.
  • Co-develop and pilot Culturally Responsive Leadership Mindsets as aligned to Culturally Responsive Teaching Mindsets.
  • Create action plan for addressing equity-related issues within locus of control.
  • Draw explicit connections between teacher-level programs (CRT Fellowship and Growth Through Connections) and their leadership.

Meeting Dates

  • Dec. 5th: 3pm-7:00pm
  • Dec. 6th: 8am-4pm
  • (Optional) March 11th & 12th: Beyond Diversity Summit
  • April 2nd: 8am-4pm
  • May 14th: 8am-4pm  *Note this is a new date replacing the February session

Contact Information

Danielle Harris, Ph.D.
Sr. Manager of CRE

Click on the flyer below for more information on the Courageous Conversation Beyond Diversity Summit, facilitated by Andrea Haynes Johnson

Testimonials from previous participants are available here.